Editorial Checklist

The following checklist contains all of the important editorial guidelines you must adhere to while putting together your spreadsheet and hometowner template.

Important rules for your spreadsheet:

  • File format must be Microsoft Excel (.xls) or Comma Delimited (.csv)
  • The ZIP code column must be labeled “postal_code
  • There must be separate columns for the student’s first name and last name
  • There must be a column for your student’s email addresses
  • To include multiple email addresses, they must be in separate columns and have unique headings
  • Avoid abbreviations and text in all caps that would stand out when merged into your template

Important rules for your templates:

  • You must include a placeholder for the student’s first name and last name in your single format heading
  • The student's hometown must be included in BOTH your single format and multiple format template
  • Your school's name should appear in your headlines identifying you as the source of the news
  • Headlines must be written in Title Case. Headlines in all caps will be converted.