What is readabout.me?
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readabout.me is an online publisher of the stories you
create on readMedia's platform. Every story you
send out automatically creates a personalized achievement for your students at readabout.me
(see example here).
Students will receive a personalized email that directs them to their achievement
on readabout.me. This email comes from y
our school, not readMedia!


All achievements on readabout.me are awarded a "badge of approval " to show that they've been verified
by your school. You'll see a sample of some standard readMedia badges below, but you can upgrade your
account to personalize these badges (learn more).

On readabout.me, students can claim their achievement by connecting to Facebook, which allows them to
add a photo and share their badge with their social networks. Don't worry, we never pull information from

The student’s achievement
s are then rolled up into a professional, powerful
online profile that shows the great things their involved in on
Students can even enhance
their profiles by adding other activities and
affiliations (see example here).

Students will earn new badges every time you acknowledge their
accomplishments, and over time these badges will provide a snapshot of
their college career.

It happens automatically!

Best of all, the online portion happens automatically when you merge your
spreadsheet and template in readMedia's platform.
There is no additional work for you! Just remember
to include emails in your spreadsheets so your students are notified that you're acknowledging their achievement.