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Create a calendar of achievements that you want to verify every year.

It’s impossible to think that you can acknowledge every activity and achievement on

campus – and you don’t need to! Pick a few achievements that you want to "verify" and

let your students add the rest.

What achievements and activities do you want your students to promote online?
Do you have a strong academic program that you want to publicize?  Is study abroad
something that’s important at your institution? Or maybe you want to highlight certain
activities like marching band or theater.

Here are some other achievements that schools focus on:
  • Students that are awarded scholarships
  • Students that are inducted into an honor society
Other schools will focus on awarding badges to students in leadership positions on
  • Student Government
  • Greek Life
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Resident Assistants

It's important to remember that students can't go on readabout.me and create their own
profile. Profiles are activated when you send out an achievement that they are included
in. So by sending out an enrollment achievement every fall for your freshman (see
example here), you'll know that every student starting at a particular class has a
readabout.me profile. The more excited and comfortable your students become, the
more likely they will be to share their stories about what they're achieving on social sites
like Facebook and Twitter.

Our achievement calendar is designed to help you plan out your achievements in a
strategic way and serve as a guide throughout the year.

All of the templates below can be downloaded and customized for your use.

Students are returning from semester break -- announce activities they've
been involved with like mentorship or volunteer programs. January is also a
great time to recognize participants who took part in special academic
programs, or those who've received designations like "Who's Who".

             Winter Study                       Winter Volunteers                         Who's Who

Recognize students who are completing internships this semester or studying
abroad. Showcase the academic opportunities available at your institution by
highlighting the students participating in them. Announce students who are
participating in conferences, seminars, and other leadership opportunities.

            Study Abroad                            Internships                    Conference Participants

Announce students taking part in spring drama productions, whether acting,
directing or serving as stage crew. March is a key time for honor society
inductions like Phi Beta Kappa or departmental honor societies. Use readMedia to
highlight students presenting research.

           Honors Society                    Drama Production                Research Presentation

Send hometowners about students performing in the orchestra, band, choir or
other musical ensembles. Announce who was elected or will be serving on the
student senate or in other student government positions. April is also a good
time to recognize students who participated in volunteer projects.

      Student Government                  Musical Concert                Alternative Spring Break

As the semester wraps, announce students who have made the dean's list or
received other academic awards. Take a look at students who are presenting
capstone work, whether it's in the arts, sciences, or other areas.

        Academic Awards                         Dean's List                             Art Exhibition 

Congratulations graduates! Announce commencement and look at what your
students will be doing this summer. Recognize students who are volunteering,
spending time on research projects, or completing internships. Highlight members
of sports teams who made it to conference finals or improved their record over last season.

              Graduation                       Summer Volunteers              Spring Sports Wrap-Up

Are high school students coming to campus to participate in camps or
pre-college visit weeks? Announce their participation. Also recognize accepted
freshmen completing special orientation programs. Use readMedia to announce
student athletes who have signed letters of intent.

          Letters of Intent                  High School Programs             Orientation Leaders

Recognize students receiving scholarships for the coming academic year.
Send hometown news about students who completed participation in interesting
summer academic programs. Announce recipients of research grants or other
academic awards that showcase your institution's strong areas of study.

             Scholarships                Summer Research Grants    Summer Academic Program

Announce your freshman class! Let everyone know who has decided to attend
your institution and how competitive admissions was. Recognize students
serving as resident assistants or other leadership positions. Work with student
affairs to find activities and participants to highlight.

    Freshman Matriculation          Residential Assistants               Student Activities

Don't forget students who aren't on campus this semester! Recognize those
who are doing internships or off on study abroad programs. Also highlight
students who are performing in fall musical concerts.

            Study Abroad                             Internships                          Musical Concert

What competitions have your students excelled in this semester, either related
to their major or in other areas? Announce winners or participants and show
why your school came out on top. Recognize participants in fall drama
productions and revisit activities of student government.

      Student Government                  Drama Production               Student Competition

As fall semester wraps up, announce your new graduates and dean's list
recipients. Highlight participants in fall sports teams, and recognize those who
received all-conference or all-academic designations.

             Graduation                                Dean's List                       Fall Sports Wrap-Up