What is functions like a web publisher. It turns the “press release” part of the hometowner into an online story. This web story is meant to be a way for the subject of the story and his or her family and friends to share the good news with their social networks.

Can I remove a student's story from

Yes. From your delivery report you can manage the online version of a student's story. When viewing a record from your spreadsheet you'll see a Take Down link. This link will remove the person's story from If you need to alert the media of the change you'll also find the contact information for them inside your delivery report.

How can a student upload a photo to go with their story?

The first step is to include the student's email addresses your spreadsheet. The email the students will receive will include a link to the online version of their story. The link they receive is private to the student and will allow them to connect to using their Facebook account. An option to upload a photo to the story will be present after connecting with Facebook.

If you have included email addresses for parents or other relatives the email they receive will include a public link that does not allow the viewer to upload a photo.

What is a badge?

Badges are graphical elements that enhance an achievement to encourage sharing in social networks. They are made by a renowned designer, Phil Pascuzzo, whose work includes the Twitter logo and book covers for Tom Wolfe.

Can I change the badge images or ribbon colors on my stories?

Not yet, but we have some exciting enhancements on the way, so stay tuned.

Can I make a change to the online version of my hometowner?

Yes, you can update a story on if needed. To update your online release, simply view your delivery report and search for the person. Once you find them you can edit the online version of their story at any time.

What is verification? Why are students asked to connect to Facebook?

Students that verify their achievements and connect to using their Facebook account will have the ability to upload a photo to personalize their achievement. Verification also gives them the ability to change the preferred email address for receiving hometowners from your school. Additionally, future achievements the student earns will be posted to their Facebook wall. 

Can a student opt out of receiving their story?

When students engage directly with their online achievements on (by opting into the site with their Facebook account), they can easily opt out of receiving these notifications if they no longer wish to receive them.

Are my Individual Hometowners on

As of right now, only publishes Group Hometowners. Your individual hometowners are still published to the web with the readMedia Newswire, and you can locate them from your delivery report.