readMedia and Emporia State University

Gwen Larson, Assistant Director Marketing and Media

Why readMedia?

Before 2011, media relations was pretty much limited to advance publicity of campus events and hometown news for graduation lists and honor rolls. readMedia allows me to do so much more without having to hire additional staff.

 readMedia has played a crucial role in getting our media relations program off the ground.

How is and social media integration important to your overall marketing and media relations strategy?

We all understand that word-of-mouth is some of the best advertising we can't buy. Our students are sharing their satisfaction with Emporia State through social media. Many have figured out how to add their own unverified achievements and are sharing that information with their friends. 

Besides the benefit of seeing Emporia State University's name spread across the social media spectrum, the university also develops relationships with our students — and future alumni — by providing a tool they will use.

Our students thrive in the digital age. They already apply for jobs online, and their profiles give them one more tool. A quick link on a resume and a potential employer has access to a profile that can say so much more than what fits on a one-page resume.

What is the most important part of your readMedia strategy?

The achievement calendar we created is invaluable. Without the calendar, it would be so easy to limit ourselves to graduation and honor roll releases. But there is so much more news about our students we can share — study abroad, theater productions, participation in marching band, student government, etc.

[Download ESU's achievement calendar]

 What is your favorite thing about readMedia?

How easy readMedia's platform is to use combined with how responsive the staff is when I have problems or want to add newspapers are the two factors that make the service invaluable to me.

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The Results

  • 21 achievements generated 4,360 stories
  • Page views: 8127
  • Social shares: 391
  • Facebook audience: 442,400
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