Request Student Data

Your spreadsheet is the backbone of your group achievement. Most institutions obtain a spreadsheet of students' personalized information from their registrar or IT department.

When requesting this information there are several sets of data you'll need in your spreadsheet, including your students':
  • First names
  • Last names
  • Hometowns
  • Zip codes
  • Email addresses
It's important to ask for students' email addresses in this report, as registrars and IT departments often omit them if they aren't specifically requested. The email address column is the ingredient that starts the entire grassroots marketing cycle by unlocking the social media integration features -the strategic piece of the puzzle- for Hometown Newsmaker. It alerts students when you publicize their accomplishments and encourages them to share the news with their family and friends across social media. If available, you should also request parents' email addresses.

Note: You will likely need to format your report to meet our spreadsheet guidelines.