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Sending Your First Achievement

Follow these steps to send out a flawless achievement. And don't forget to measure your success by viewing your delivery reports after you send out your achievement.

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Before You Start

These steps will prepare you to send out your first achievement.

Educate Your Students
Send this email to your students to inform them that you will be publicizing their
              accomplishments online for them to share with their family and friends. 

Request Your Student Data
Use this form when you are requesting student information from your registrar or IT

Upload Your Logo
Import your logo into your account before you send out your first achievement.

Send an Achievement Step by Step

The step-by-step guides will walk you through a specific task in your account.

Prepare Your Documents
Learn to format your spreadsheets and templates 

Upload Your Spreadsheet
Learn how to upload your spreadsheet into your account.
              Want to learn more about your spreadsheet? Check out this video.

Compose Your Template
Learn how to compose your template in your account.
              Want to learn more about your template? Check out this video.

Send Your Achievement
How to publicize your achievement online and send to newspapers.
              Want to learn more about sending an achievement? Check out this video.

After You Send Your Achievement
So, what happens after you send an achievement? These three steps will guide you through tracking your delivery report, measuring your success with Web Stats and creating a strategic plan for the future.

Track Your Sent Achievements
Learn how to read your delivery report and perform tasks such as re-sending a
              student's story to a specific newspaper
and viewing how often your story
              was sent to social media sites.

Measure Your Web Stats

Learn all about your Web Stats, which tell you how many individual stories you've
              published over time, the geographical reach of different media you've sent stories
              to and aggregate stats on how popular your stories are online.

Create Your Strategic Plan
This guide will help you make the most out of your readMedia
              subscription, showing you how our best clients use the tool to create a lot of
              frequent, powerful online engagement with students.