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Create Your Custom Badges

Student achievements are represented as badges on readabout.me. Depending upon the branding package you
chose, either readMedia will provide colored badges for you, or a member of your team will need to design
custom badges for your page.

Colored Badges

If you've chosen to have readMedia create your custom badges for you, you'll just need to provide your readMedia
representative with the hex codes for the colors you'd like to use. Simply choose the two main colors that you'd
like to use for your badges outer bands and backgrounds. You'll need to fill out the form on this page if you haven't
already. readMedia will do the rest for you.

Custom Badges

If you've chosen to have a member of your team design your school's custom badges, they'll need to download
the design tools attached to this page. These tools contain all of specifications for creating customized badges.

You may create as many badges as you'd like, but readMedia will require the following badges:
  • Achievement (a generic badge for when an achievement doesn't match any of your existing badges)
  • Enrollment
  • Graduation
  • Dean's List or Honor Roll

In addition to these badges, we recommend the following badges:

  • President's List (or Provost, Chancellor, etc.) 
  • Scholarship
  • Honor Society
  • Study Abroad
  • Sports
  • Drama or Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Student Competition
  • Community Service
  • Internships
  • Student Government
  • Who's Who
  • Greek Organizations
  • Alumni

These badges will help illustrate your students' accomplishments on readabout.me. Please download the files below for more information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 518-429-2800 or customerservice@readmedia.com

badge template.zip
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Mar 5, 2012, 1:22 PM
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