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Web stats allow you to measure the success and reach of your hometown news stories.

How does it work?

When you login to readMedia, the Web Stats dashboard will show aggregate historical data (with a choice of either a 1 year, 6-month or a 30-day view) for all hometown news stories you have sent.

Here is an explanation of the four areas you will see on your Web Stats dashboard:

Hometown News Stories:
The number of total hometowners as well as individual stories published over the selected time frame.

A story template is one “hometowner”; a spreadsheet with 500 student records matched to the story template would create 500 individual stories.

Media Distribution:
An interactive heat map showing the concentration of stories sent to each postal code, and a count of the total number of different media outlets reached with news stories.

Online Distribution:
A pie chart demonstrates where online traffic to personalized student stories comes from: the email notification to the student/parent, Facebook, Twitter or other referrers.

Social Media Distribution:
The total number of page views to online stories and the number of times stories were shared to social media sites.

Note: Each set of data can be printed or downloaded as a .PDF or .CSV file to share with your colleagues.

Want to learn more about Web Stats? Check out our videos and guides.